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Here are some links to other things we do and trusted folk we work closely with

Our main business is as beef farmers.  We are Pasture For Life accredited and have our own on farm butchery where we process our 100% grass fed cattle.  Why not try some super tasting nutrient dense beef from a agroecological farm.

Come to the farm and stay a while in our beautifully converted 1962 Bedford TK livestock lorry.

We also grow and sell turkeys for Christmas and have a monthly pop up market in the farmyard, come and visit 

If you need leather craft supplies like tools, leather and really good advice go to these folks.  Don't be tempted by cheap tools on eBay or amazon - go to the people who know what they are on about - throughly recommended.  

To punch eyelet holes and set our eyelets we use the Green Machine hand press.  These give a totally professional finish and an eyelet that is smooth on both sides so doesn't fray laces or scratch the leather tongue.  

For all your lace needs.  We use 8mm flat laces in our sneakers, but the range is vast and delivery super quick.

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